Financial Consultancy Services:

GoldCoin Consultants is a leading financial consulting firm committed to overall growth and success of our clients. Our range of financial service offerings includes Capital Services, Financial Advisory, Corporate Tax Planning, Business Process Optimization and Payroll Management Services. We are one of the rapidly growing financial consulting firm, has the in-depth knowledge and understanding to provide a wide array of services across diverse industries Manufacturing and Trading. We support the business enterprises in developing appropriate financial strength initiatives, leveraging financial capability tools for enhancing potential strength and economic returns.

The structure and availability of debt to a company is the key for operational efficiency and achieving sustained growth. Our approach is to help businesses make smart decisions at every turn and as a continuous learning and growing financial services firm we are committed to provide value to the businesses we work with.

Our experience with Banking, Capital structuring and Debt syndication allows us to assess the client's capital structuring and market their proposal as a winning proposition to raise capital from domestic and international banks or large financial institutions. Some of the financial products that we structure based on the clients requirements include:

Capital/Finance/Loan/Debt Services :

GoldCoin Consultants team has extensive experience in sourcing capital for new project, capacity expansion, corporate restructuring and insolvency turn-around through refinancing, recapitalizations, debt renegotiations and merger & acquisition transactions.

Our highly successful track record and established position as the premier capital services firm for the industry serves as the base of our expansion into other industries, including:

  1. Manufacturing Industries
  2. Trading Concerns
  3. Construction
  4. Healthcare & Retail
  5. Hospitality & Technology

Venture Capital :

For Entrepreneurs, SMEs & MSMEs finding the capital required to start the business is sometimes one of the biggest hurdles in turning their dream into a reality. Our team of professionals can help talented entrepreneurs and companies in their quest by helping them create a financially viable business plan, meet Venture Capital or Angel Investment firms and guide them through the process to securing the required investment. The following are our services relating to Venture Capital:

  1.  Business Project Formulation
  2. Business Project Evaluation
  3. Venture Capital Advisory
  4. Angel Investor Advisory

Mergers & Acquisitions :

GoldCoin Consultants is one of the few professional firms having comprehensive expertise to advise clientele on the complete gamut of M&A opportunity and the transaction modeling. Exposure to strategic consultancy, wide knowledge in securities regulations on account of long standing services in Issue Advisory and Securities Registry services and capability to conduct complex due diligence exercise provide Goldcoin the unique advantage of providing comprehensive M&A advisory and transaction support services under one roof.GoldCoin Consultants ensures perfect compliance to all legal mechanisms and regulatory requirements while structuring M&A transactions. In depth knowledge of sectoral needs and the growth prospects for the key sectors enhance Goldcoin ability to assess the appropriate valuation, based on the growth and profitability prospects for various sectors.

Banking & Fund Management :

GoldCoin Consultants has very old relationship with several of the stakeholders in the banking sector. They relate to domestic banks, international banks and multi-lateral funding bodies. Knowledge of the debt markets and securitisation needs, in-depth knowledge of the banking regulatory needs and the exposure to global financial markets provide the consultants from Gold Coin, the competitive edge to model transactions in a manner beneficial to both the lender and the borrower.

GoldCoin Consultants is retained by several leading business entrepreneurs to conduct sectoral studies which have formed the basis for them to assess their exposure to various sectors and to frame strategies for optimising their exposure to various sectors. Gold Coin has provided number of innovative ideas to the business sector in minimising risks in financing segments such as Agriculture, Information Technology and Hospitality.

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