Investment Services

Investment Services

Investment Consultancy:

Welcome to GoldCoin – Investment Consultant, where advice will be offered to you in a relaxed environment by caring, dedicated and professional staff.

We aim to provide the level of service, care and expertise to make this practice the automatic choice for you if you are seeking impartial financial.

Vision Behind Investment Consultancy:

An advisor who helps investors with their long-term investment planning. An investment consultant, unlike a broker, does more in-depth work on formulating clients' investment strategies, helping them fulfill their needs and goals.

The idea behind an investment consultant is that they be part of the client's investment strategy for a long period of time. The consultant's job is to actively monitor the client's investments and continue to work with the client as goals change over time.


We will be very happy to offer you advice to suit your individual circumstances taking into account all the relevant matters: including your chosen risk profiles and the impact of taxation. The practice is very happy to offer general financial advice. In addition the practice offers specialist advice in the following areas:

Investment Portfolio Planning:

We will be happy to advise you if you are a private investor, a trustee or if you have a self invested pension plan (SIPP). We will use our knowledge of taxation, our ability to access information using superb technology and our vast experience in the investment markets to help you plan your investments to best advantage.

Estate Preservation:

Estate preservation requires both financial and legal knowledge. We will therefore work very closely with carefully selected specialist tax and trust lawyers to help you plan your affairs effectively.


We provide our professional opinion after detailed study and critical watch on Investment in Share Market under Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), National Stock Exchange (NSE) & International Stock Market. On the basis of our expertise opinion our clients can gain maximum return’s of their investment from the Stock Market.

Secured Interest Option: For the investor’s who need secured minimum guaranteed return’s on their investment, we share the risk for them on our own and give them maximum benefit with minimum secured interest option on their investment. The minimum period of the investment is 01 years and maximum upto 10 years.

Mutual Funds:

Investment in mutual funds requires detailed study and analysis on market portfolio, company profile, profitability, and financial strength with future prospects of the company. Our experts professionals after detail study and analysis provides you best solution for investment in any mutual fund with minimum risk and assured returns.

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