Placement Services

Placement Services

People like to associate with people who are like them. This especially rings true in companies and the caliber of the personnel. Like anything else in life that is worthwhile, effort is required to make a satisfactory work and last. Continuous effort that is permeated with honesty, mutual respect, patience, understanding, and dignity, creates the essential environment for a job that is beneficial for everyone in the life. A satisfied employee enjoys a special relationship that endures the test of time with employer………

We assist client in hiring the top talent for positions across all disciplines through a single point contact. Our internal specialists cover business segments like Educational Institutions, BPO’s (outsourcing & Off-shoring), Telecom, Engineering & Automotive, FMCG & Consumer, Information Technology, Insurance, Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals, Infrastructure, Hospitality & Real Estate, Services etc, and functions like Sales & Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, Technology, Healthcare, Advertising, Retail, Manufacturing and software.

If you are an Employer or an Employee looking for best hiring solutions, you can contact our Client Relationship Manager.

Recruitment Overview:

The well-deserved success of Gold Coin Consultants lies in the philosophy “ that we understand the value of human capital and recognize that it is a strategic part of any modern business. That is the reason our specialized consultants go through a rigorous screening process and our candidates are carefully chosen from excellent database for their suitability to the business of target company, its culture and the professional profile expected. The candidates are run through screening procedure which involves written tests, online tests, group discussions and interview.

Advantages with Us :

We take pride in our consulting abilities & hands-on approach to client needs with following benefits:

  1. Lower cost .
  2. Higher Service Level.
  3. Work with in Scheduled Time.
  4. Recognition by senior level Management.
  5. Personnel Career Development.

Ethics / Norms of Practice:

We have certain valuable ethics of practice that we adhere to :-

    (i.e. We never use confidential information gained in the course of an assignment that would not serve the best interests of our client).

  3. We use both passive and active methods of recruitment for our clients. Passive method includes acquiring candidates from such sources as job postings, advertisement respondents, resume database and unsolicited resumes. Active recruitment method include direct sourcing and name generation through networking.

  4. We take appropriate measures to make believe, our clients do not compete for the same business with the same employers.