Management Services

Management Services

Business Management Consultants:

Managers are indispensable part of any organization. They achieve desired results through efficient and effective utilization of human and material resources. Infact, successful managers do not wait for future; they make the future by anticipating and adjusting to changing circumstances in an intelligent manner. Strength’s of Management: Manpower, Money, Materials, Machinery, and Methods.

Why an effective and efficient management is required?

  1. Optimum Use of resources.
  2. Effective Leadership and Motivation.
  3. Establishes sound industrial Relations.
  4. Achievement of Goals.

Our long-term thinking, set direction towards goals, good communication and enthusiasm about work helps to any organization in following arena of management:-

  • Managerial Roles, Functions and Skills.
  • Corporate Planning & Environmental Analysis.
  • Planning & Forecasting.
  • Fundamentals of Organising.
  • Span of Management:- Departmentation and Structural Formats.
  • Delegation of Authority.
  • Centralisation & Decentralisation.
  • Co-ordination and Staffing.
  • Direction & Supervision.
  • Motivation, Morale and productivity.
  • Job Design, Job Enrichment and Empowerment.
  • Process and Techniques of Controlling.
  • Group behaviour and Team Building.
  • Ethics, values and Social Responsibilities.

The conceptual skill, human skill and Technical skill of our professional experts helps at all levels of management in an organization from Top Level to Lower Level. We coordinate, motivate, and control the operations of business entrepreneur while meeting the day to day challenges. To deliver results, we work for painfully long hours, sift through bundles of data, handle endless meetings, talk to people at various levels, plan proactively, meet the problems head on and get ahead of others using knowledge, skills and experience to good effect. The various roles played by us in this regard are broadly grouped into aforesaid categories.

Risk Management:

To mitigate risks, improve internal controls and provide to management accurate and timely information relating to cash transactions, banking transaction, receivable/payable, inventory and fixed assets, GoldCoin Consultants provides Risk Management services for the company's management.

GoldCoin Consultants Risk Management Service uses the "AUDIT" framework, a combination of structuring internal control, Training personnel, Analyzing transactions, Learning and Adapting, and Listening, to eliminate risks, improve internal control and help management manage the business to its best.

Receivables / Payables Management:

Transacting with third parties introduces a new set of threats and opportunities to the company and requires proactive risk monitoring to ensure profitability. Companies all over the world lose a significant amount of their profits to bad debts and penal fees due to poor receivables/payables management. GoldCoin Consultants Receivables/Payables Risk Management Service will continually monitor the company's receivables/payables transactions to deter fraud, improve internal controls and optimize working capital management to boost profitability.

Payroll Management:

To succeed in today's competitive markets with huge demands and lean profits, business' must find ways to improve strategic core functions and simplify the working environment by outsourcing non-strategic core activities. GoldCoin Consultants can help companies of all size outsource their monthly payroll processing, reimbursement processing and statutory compliances. Through our powerful self-service, employees can better manage their payrolls. Further, through GoldCoin futuristic payroll services employees have access to a complete view of their financial scenario and tools that offer guided support to address their needs based on individual situation.

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